A Portion of the Proceeds from the Sale of the Legend are reserved for COVID19 Charities

A Portion of all Proceeds are shared with COVID-19 Charities

Paterson, NJ, is a city rich with our country’s history, outstanding in architecture and beautiful natural landscape including the Great Falls Natural and Historical Park. Paterson a long time ago is the setting for thise tale. 

Our Mission: 

A portion of all proceeds from the Sale of this book in any form will be donated to Charities dedicated to those impacted by COVID19, a Corona Virus.  

The rise of this Pandemic has taken us by surprise. If there is anything that can be done to help individuals and families in the aftermath of this situation, we would like to do our part. 

A word from the author:

I was born in raised in Paterson.  Though I left to study at Villanova University, I didn't think I would return to my home town at all, yet I did. In fact, after returning in 1985, I never left. Right away, I started my journey of creating arts for my community. I was very fortunate when in 1990, I was commissioned to write the History Play for the City's Bi-Centenniel Celebrations of 1992. I counted my blessings and I wrote the play. I was grateful that I had such an opportunity and I went on with the intention of creating contmeporary works that would mean something to the generation to follow. 

Working with a few friends at first, we stayed under the radar. Together we achieved something profound. Home grown arts and entertainment that had lasting memories for us.  

People who love Paterson, NJ appreciate and enjoy the many stories that were inspired here, before and after the Industrial Revolution. But as a lifelong resident of Paterson, it was easy to be inspired here. 

Artists and storytellers share joy and their love of the arts in every work that they create.  Storytelling, specifically, is a way of bringing people into an intimate realm. Books help spread knowledge and appreciation and this book was an opportunity for me to creative around the beautiful theme which is Paterson. The story just happened but "The Legend" lives on. There's more where this story came from but the subject matter was an accident. It just started from a photograph, included in the book. It was fun and my audiences responded well. Many cried. Many were silently moved but everyone that heard it loved it. Unfortunately, the book mirrors our tragic situation currently.   

 I spent 2 years painting the paintings and formating the book, uploading it and self-editing it. I uploaded it again and again.  I loved every painful moment I put into this concise little work of art.  I surely would love more opportunities to write more and do more of what I love but it's a slow process for me. 

I decided to share proceeds of the sale of this book with those charities dedicated to the impacts of infectious diseases specifically COVID-19 and other related charities becuase I could not ignore such a dire situation. Though the story was written in 2007 there is a stark similarity between it and our present experience. It frightens many of us (as it does the characters in the story.) I hope I can remind people that beyond the horror, there is love. Otherwise there is no hope.  

My historical fiction and non-fiction writings about Paterson, NJ, combine my love for my  city with my love for history and the stories that make a city. I included paintings becuase I was inspired to create them at the time. That is all. I hope you will share this story on any occasion or at your next event. 

If you are ready to love Paterson, NJ, as much as I do, and you like that you will get the book and make a contribution to something important please GET IT NOW! 

Purchase this historical fiction book A Legend of the Season. Support the arts and an important  charity. I pray we will eradicate our fears and this dread disease with great speed. 

God Bless Us, Everyone! If there was ever a time to Love it is now!

Chrisitne Conforti