A Portion of the Proceeds from the Sale of the Legend are reserved for COVID19 Charities

Why is this so important?

Experience something profound with another. Read to each other, coach and teach.  The wonder of storytelling can be  shared without actually experiencing the dillemma. There is power in the telling. Storytelling is timeless, as are  the opportunities for deeply transformative experiences with each other. Through intimate experiences we thrive. Read to your children. Tell stories at the dinner table. Sing. Tell a joke. Do it eye to eye, breathe to breathe and join where you are already one. 

Collector's Storybook with 25 original images by the Author

An infectious disease threatens the land for a generation, 

ravaging villages. 

Julia and Herschel can't live with that! 

About the Author

Story and Images by CConforti

I wanted to tell a story that would be fun. I never guessed this would happen, A portion of the prceeds of the sale of this book will go to the study of infectious diseases.  

Hand Signed and Numbered

There is a limited number of prints in this series available. Contact us for more details.


Storytelling has ancient roots. It is a key to the development of civilization. Before bed, in the stillness of a summer afternoon, around the dinner table, storytelling lives on. Buy this story and let it inspire you to new stories and more of your own precious moments with family and friends. Bond with your loved ones through this magical technology of sharing. Storytelling feeds the imagination. Don't miss out on this moving tale, the tragic life cycle and the love that remains, in Paterson, NJ before Paterson was. 


We are donating a portion of all proceeds from the sale of this book to COVID-19 Charities. Help us build a fund that will help those suffering from this painful illness that has touched us all. 

The Author

Christine is a third generation Italian-American living where she was born in Paterson, New Jersey. Author, artist and community activist, in 2005 Christine founded a prolific not for profit organization hosting daily exhibitions and events from 1987-2013. Throughout those years, Christine created experimental works and made entries on www.ivanhoeartists.org as announcements and creative writings. One folk tale buried under many years of entries, is called The Legend of the Season and was originally entered in December of 2007. In 2018 Christine added 26 original paintings, inspired by the original story. 

Christine teaches and curates arts locally for seasonal events. She frequently appears in small staged performances in the Tri-State area and is always working on the next project.

The Legend of Julia and Herschel DeCoeurs is timeless. The hand painted images focus on a time "...before Paterson was Paterson." I wanted to create a work of art that could be added to the dinner table or a party, the campfire. 

A coffeetable storybook “The Legend of the Season,” is in bookstores, online and on Amazon. Don’t miss your opportunity to share this sweet story at your next event… Christine says through the arts “culturally, spiritually, we could attain a higher and higher understanding until we surpass the mistakes we have made.” “We could love each other more and have peace.”

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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to COVID-19 Charities. Help us build a fund that will help those suffering from this painful illness that has touched us all. 


Paterson, New Jersey, United States


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