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Story Bloggger

What is the Legend of the Season?

Storytelling comes from that urge to experience something profound with another. It is a way to teach.  The wonder of it can be felt without having to go through the probelm in reality. As life happens so does the opportunity for deeply transformative experiences with each other. Through intimate experiences we thrive. Read to your children. Tell stories at the dinner table. Sing. Tell a joke. Do it eye to eye, breathe to breathe and join where you are already one.  

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About the Author

Story and Images by CConforti

I wanted to tell a story that would be fun. I never can guess where I will go with the story, I just follow.

Hand Signed and Numbered

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Storytelling has ancient roots. It is a key to the development of civilization. Before bed, in the stillness of a summer afternoon, around the dinner table, storytelling lives on. Buy this lovely story and let it inspire you to new stories and more of your own precious moments with family and friends. Bond with your loved ones through this magical technology of sharing. Storytelling feeds the imagination. Don't miss out on this moving tale, the tragic life cycle and the love that remains, in Paterson, NJ before Paterson was. 

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The Legend of The Season


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